Let your students explore Brighton in an unusual and engaging way!

We can accommodate up to 60 people simultaneously. They can all play at the same time in small teams of up to 5 people but they will visit the puzzle locations in a different order to reduce crossover.

How it works

Everyone will be briefed together, then every team will receive a coding device, map, puzzle book and mystery items and set off on their route. We will have several games hosts answering the dedicated clue phone line so that all teams are supported and helped whenever they need it.

Why Puzzle Parade?

The puzzles have been created by escape room experts and will require logic, reasoning, observation, problem solving and teamwork skills.

We also take pride in focussing all our games on cultural and historical aspects of Brighton and the treasure hunts will take students to key points of interest, as well as hidden gems. The puzzle book that every team receives features clues and the game’s storyline, but also provides players with snippets of factual information about the locations they are visiting.

Do teams have to be accompanied by an adult?

The routes can be up to 1-2 miles long so we recommend having an adult accompany each group, as students may be quite spread out over the centre of Brighton.

Depending on how many adults you have available to accompany teams, we can adjust the order of the locations to vary or to be following the same route to allow one adult to be near several teams at once.


£9 per person. Minimum 10 people

Our Clients include: