Covid Safety

We are excited to bring you an extremely Covid-Safe activity – an outdoor treasure hunt with escape-room-style puzzles!

Further Covid-Safety measures

We here at Puzzle Parade take everyone’s safety very seriously and so we have implemented some further steps to keep you all safe:

-Until restrictions allow, all introductory briefings and de-briefs will take place outside as well. We are setting up a covered temporary area at the back of Paradox Place to greet players and hand over the items needed for their game. Once inside socialising is allowed, we will move this to the inside of the Paradox Place shop into a dedicated space.

  • During all introductory briefings and de-briefs, masks are worn by hosts (even when outside) and we ask you to kindly do the same.
  • We have pre-recorded our game briefing and will play this via screens to you to minimise interaction.
  • All devices and mysterious items are sprayed with Zoono, which is a steriliser that Covid cannot survive on and which has been lab tested to keep TfL’s trains sterile and safe.

Will we interact with other teams?

You may be out at the same time as other teams but you will go through the locations in a different order and should only rarely cross paths with other teams. We have counterbalanced the order of locations to keep teams away from each other based on average times it has taken test teams to complete puzzles. In the unlikely event that you do end up at the same location as another team, there is always still plenty of space to socially distance.

Will we need to enter any shops?

Please be aware that you may need to walk through busy shopping streets such as Kensingtons Gardens – but you do not have to enter shops as part of the experience.