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in the Heart of Brighton

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Project Pandora





‘My fiancé and I thoroughly enjoyed puzzle parade. It’s all of the fun of an escape room mixed with a sightseeing tour of Brighton! Perfect for a family day out by the seaside.’

‘We had a really good time playing ‘Project Pandora’. It had a great mix of interesting escape room puzzles set around Brighton that would be suitable for friends or families. Would definitely recommend!’

‘My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed the puzzle parade, it was totally unique and incredibly fun, and gave us a lovely tour of some of Brighton’s landmarks!’

What is Puzzle Parade?

Imagine the offspring of the best treasure hunts and escape rooms. You’re probably thinking about something close to Puzzle Parade.

You and your team will embark upon an adventure that fires both your brain cells and imagination.

You’ll see the best of Brighton in a new light. With time to immerse yourselves in our vibrant city and explore the quirky cafés and shops whilst saving the world!

Puzzle Parade boasts specifically designed interactive technology to give surprising moments along the way.  

Brought to you by the people behind award-winning Brighton escape rooms Pier Pressure, in collaboration with Escapement (Kent’s top rated escape rooms). You can rest assured you and your team shall have an experience to remember.


How it works

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by one of our games hosts who will brief you with your mission, explain and hand you the coding device alongside a map, a puzzle book and a mysterious item (or two).

You are then free to stroll along the route at your own leisure, enjoying the sights and solving the puzzles. You can take a break from the treasure hunt whenever you like, or you can race against the clock to complete the game as quickly as possible. The experience is designed to take 2-3 hours, although you can take as long as four hours before you have to return the handset to us.

If you are ever stuck on a puzzle, you can call our dedicated clue help line which is manned by a games host. You can call as often or little as you like and receive as much help as you like.

A final puzzle needs to be completed back at your starting point, where you also hand back the coding device to your games host and enjoy the glory of having completed the game!


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