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Find the secret codes to close Pandora’s box before the monsters enter our world through the portal underneath the Royal Pavilion! The monsters thrive on negative energy, and where there was little positive energy in 2020 to contain them, they are dangerously close to crossing the threshold to our world.

This route starts and ends at Paradox Place and takes you on a 1.5 mile long walk through the North Laine shopping district and the Pavilion Gardens.

‘My fiancé and I thoroughly enjoyed puzzle parade. It’s all of the fun of an escape room mixed with a sightseeing tour of Brighton! Perfect for a family day out by the seaside.’

‘We had a really good time playing ‘Project Pandora’. It had a great mix of interesting escape room puzzles set around Brighton that would be suitable for friends or families. Would definitely recommend!’

‘My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed the puzzle parade, it was totally unique and incredibly fun, and gave us a lovely tour of some of Brighton’s landmarks!’