Get your team together for a unique outdoor teambuilding experience!

We can accommodate up to 60 people simultaneously. They can all play at the same time in small teams of up to 5 people but they will visit the puzzle locations in a different order to reduce crossover.

The puzzles have been created by escape room experts and will require logic, reasoning, observation, problem solving and teamwork skills.

For groups of 30+ people we will also put games hosts out on the streets for your teams in order to offer help or interaction on the go.

How it works

Everyone will be briefed together, then every team will receive a coding device, puzzle book and mystery items and set off on their route. We will have several games hosts answering the dedicated clue phone line so that all teams are supported and helped whenever they need it.


You can choose to let teams complete the treasure hunt at their own leisurely pace and enjoy the bonding experience that comes from solving these tricky puzzles together.

You can also add an element of competition by setting teams off at the same time and making the hunt into a race. You can ramp up the competitive element even further by giving teams a score consisting of time vs number of clues given, plus optional bonus points can be dished out to make things more interesting or you can use these to incorporate brand values or messages.


£9 per person + VAT. Minimum 10 people


We can also offer bespoke packages in conjunction with our sister venues. We can offer combined tickets with:
⦁ Paradox Place (House of Illusions and Wonders)
⦁ Tickets to Pier Pressure, our award-winning escape room venue (up to 35 people at once)
⦁ A meeting room – with or without catering
⦁ Additional extras such as a private magic workshop.

Get in touch to discuss these options and let us tailor a package to suit your needs! Email us at or call us on 01273 964000.

Our Clients include: